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Strategic Ingestion of Creatine Supplementation

KEY LEARNING POINTS Understand how creatine impacts the effectiveness of resistance training. Understand the value of creatine timing Understand the benefits of pre and post-exercise creatine ingestion. Understand how protein impacts creatine effectiveness. Be able to ascertain if there are any adverse effects to creatine ingestion. Creatine is a nitrogen-containing compound consumed in the diet […]

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The Psychology of Obesity

BY DR JANE OGDEN, PROFESSOR IN HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY Obesity is clearly on the increase and has many physical and psychological consequences. This paper will describe definitions of obesity, its impact on health and its causes with a focus on genetics, the obesogenic environment and the role of behaviour. What is overweight? The easiest way is

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Using Your Nutrimen Software

Nutrimen is an incredible piece of software that can be utilised to increase your nutritional service offering. Key features Web based professional dietary analysis; wherever you have internet access Google-like searching makes foods easy to find. Data entry takes only 25% time compared to other packages (student dietitian survey June 2014) Quick look ups in

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Carborexia Nervosa

“An irrational fear of carbohydrate” spread by tabloid journalists and ill-informed personal trainers. From a sport nutrition or strength and conditioning perspective, carbohydrate restriction would cost trophies. A low carbohydrate diet would likely have a negative impact on your physique and wellbeing too. Hopefully I don’t need to point out that I’m not talking about

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